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Your Financial Freedom

Funds Management

At Ultra Capital, we can offer advice and investment opportunities in a variety of funds. Talk to us now..

Mortgage Broking

At Ultra Capital, we work with the Big 4 banks as well as the smaller lenders to come up with the right solution for you.

Business Restructure

Ultra Capital has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help guide you through your business restructure with no hassle.

Business Acquisition

No matter what type of business acquisition you have in mind, Ultra Capital can help you from start to finish.

Revolutionise your business with us.

Ultra Capital is a financial services company devoted to the concept of serving our clients to the very best of our abilities with the goal of being your financial partner at every stage of your financial life. Whether you need a basic plan for retirement or you need a financial plan that allows for education tuition, weddings, trips abroad, and retirement, the team at Ultra will be able to craft a portfolio just right for you.
We have a very experienced team of experts who can navigate the financial markets, patiently listen to you without selfishness, and offer sound financial advice. We understand the shifting markets and the globalisation of the economy, and we know how your finances fit into all of that.
Ultra Capital can handle it all – from the most complex portfolio down to the most entry-level plan for the young investor. Our skills run deep, and no matter what kind of investment you are looking for or how long you intend to hold your account, we’ll be able to guide you.

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Quick Answers

Should I invest in property now?

An investment of any type requires proper due diligence, not only on the asset but also on your personal situation, talk to us to find out more about how we can help.

Do I need a Financial Planner?

At Ultra Capital we use the term ‘financial planner’ loosely, we believe that you need someone who you can have a frank conversation with, that will be able to look at your overall position and advise you on what suitable avenues you can take to achieve your goals.

How much does it cost to setup a company?

It doesn’t cost much to establish a company with ASIC, depending on what type of company you require, the starting fees can be as little as $500. What you need to be aware of however are the running costs & responsibilities associated with operating a company in Australia.

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