You know you need to invest for the future but have no idea where to begin. Investing is a process that you don’t fully understand and you fear that it is a gamble that you will lose. At Ultra Capital, we will walk you through the investment process and help you create the perfect financial plan that will maximize your capital potential. We will ensure you understand the pros and cons of any investment strategy so that you are able to make informed investment decisions.

We offer a wide variety of investment services that are appropriate for people in all situations in life. Your superannuation plan might be preparing you for retirement, but perhaps you want to do more, so you can comfortably pay for all of your expenses and still travel the world. We can help. With a variety of retirement savings plans, we’ll get you there.

Do you want to send your children to a private school? We can organise a savings plan without early withdrawal penalties so you can take care of your children’s education when they are ready.

Want to get into the share trading market? We have information and advice to guide you along the way. If share trading is too intimidating, there is always the fund market. We’ll show you which funds are for the conservative investor and which ones will have just a hint of risk for a higher return potential.

Though no one likes to think about it, there is also estate planning. Our experts will help you put together a solid plan to ensure your loved ones are cared for when you are gone. Whether you choose to set up a trust or a single payout is up to you, but we’ll help take care of the planning whichever route you wish.

Whatever your financial priorities are, we’ll work with you to map out the right course. Our goal is to be a comprehensive investment planning resource for you. We have the market information, economic outlook data, and investment resources you can tap into at your convenience, as well as a team of experts ready to talk with you when you need advice or you want to invest. You won’t have to go it alone at Ultra Capital.

At Ultra Capital, we can offer the following services;

Business Restructure

Business Acquisition



Business restructuring often comes with the connotation that the company going through it is in bankruptcy, administration or is facing a debt load that it cannot otherwise cope with. Sometimes a company will restructure in order to rid itself of an antiquated business model and move forward again, or to focus on a core portion of the business. ‘Business restructuring’ should no longer be seen as something negative but as a positive focusing of core business principals, practices, operations and goals. However, Business Restructuring is a complex process and is not something that should be undertaken lightly.

Restructuring simply means that a large change has been made in regards to the overall structure of the company. It could be undertaken in the general structure of the company, in the way the company operates, or in how the company’s debt is handled. Usually companies restructure when they realise that the current system is inefficient and is actually causing damage to the company’s reputation or potential opportunities, revenues or profits. It is an essential practice for any company that is in such dire circumstances that failure to do so would lead to a business collapse.

Restructuring is therefore a path by which a company can remove the structure or debt that is holding it back and allow the company to improve. If the debt is what needs to be addressed, the typical method is to consolidate all of the debt as much as possible and then renegotiate the terms. The new terms result in lower monthly payments that are more affordable, and if the company is publicly traded, more pleasing to the shareholders.

Operations restructuring is done by selling off assets or closing non-profitable locations. This might not mean the company is struggling, but rather that it understands that times and markets change. This kind of restructuring can lead to increased profits without a net loss of jobs. Changing a company’s focus is a form of restructuring wherein the product line or the overall focus is shifted towards a more profitable business model.

When a company is in dire circumstances restructuring may shrink the company’s size through the sale of assets and/or a major reduction in the company’s workforce. This is often the last step before a company goes under or is bought out.

No company should undergo a restructuring plan without expert advice to ensure that the right plan devised and then followed. A financial firm like Ultra Capital has the depth of knowledge and expertise to help guide you along the way.

Companies have several ways in which they can grow. One way a business may expand is through the acquisition of competitive or complementary businesses. However, this process can be difficult to navigate. Having an experienced firm consult with you to provide you with information, help with any compliance matters and advise you of any possible legal snares to ensure that your acquisition runs smoothly.

Acquisitions are a key part of not just growing but of also adding  new capabilities to a company that might otherwise be difficult or time consuming to build from the ground up. The acquiring company gains all of the research and development insights that the acquired company possesses, allowing it to leap forward strategically.
There are two types of acquisitions – private, when the companies involved are not publicly traded, and public, when they are traded on a share market.

So what does an acquisition consultant do? For a company purchasing another that is experiencing debt issues, a consultant can help both parties understand the management changes and any potential restructuring that may need to occur. A consultant can also partner with the new company’s management to help them create the new business strategy going forward, and even help with the initial phases of implementation.

It used to be that an acquisition meant that the two companies retained their unique identities, but this is not always the case any more. There is always some consolidation or reorganization that will occur to eliminate duplication. An Ultra Capital consultant can assist by identifying what areas and processes may need to adjust to maximize efficiency.

Almost half of all acquisitions do not go well, so it pays to have a consultant guide you in the long run.
Acquisitions are significant capital outlays so receiving some solid financial advice before proceeding is essential. At Ultra Capital, we have a team of experts who can help you navigate the financial or legal traps and succeed.

Our goal is to improve your business operations , boost efficiency and ultimately improve your bottom line. We can assist you with the following services:

  • Taxation
  • Audit & Other Assurance
  • Business Services & Advisory
  • Business Valuation & Litigation Support
  • Not For Profit
  • Foreign Investment Services
  • Immigration Application Support         
  • Short and long term budgeting and forecasting
  • Prepare half yearly or yearly financial statements
  • Prepare  monthly, quarterly, half yearly or yearly management reports
  • Cash Flow Statements
  • Prepare and lodge annual income tax returns
  • ASIC Agent Services (ASIC Registered Agents)

Our Bookkeeping Services Include the following

  • Assess and suggest what software product is right for your business
  • Installation and Set up
  • Implementation and transfer of old files
  • Training
  • Onsite and Offsite Bookkeeping
  • Account receivable & Account payable
  • Bank reconciliation and credit card reconciliation
  • Process invoices and coding
  • Fortnightly/monthly payroll
  • PAYG, IAS and BAS
  • Trial balance, Profit & Loss statement and Balance Sheet
  • Manage cash flow
  • Budgeting and Forecasting
  • Xero Implementation